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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Microsoft Office I Want A Divorce, Google Apps Is My New Love

Dear ‘Paperclip’,

Firstly, yes, it appears that I am writing a letter, and secondly no, I don’t need any assistance. But thanks for asking. Again.

This is going to be difficult, we’ve been together so long. We’ve created so much. Achieved great things but I’ve met someone else. Someone refreshingly easy to get on with. Someone I find it easier to share with. Someone that allows me to look back at all those changes I’ve gone through without me having to open up every one that didn’t work out. Everything’s so clear and I know exactly where I am. No more raking over old ground looking for an answer. And you change so much, year on year and when we go over things in the past, try and work on things, the newer you just won’t accept it.

We can do all the things that we used to do but easier and from anywhere. I’m not tied to one place anymore. I’m free to share things with other people. And most importantly I no longer have a massive drain on my finances.

My new love is so free, allows me to travel - enjoying being where I am anywhere. You’ve got so much baggage in the cupboard I keep having to come back to check it’s all working.

You’ve made some effort to try and catch up with where I’m going, what I need but it’s just not good enough.

So I’ve moved on. You know how suspicious I am of change but this change has been so easy, we already work so well together.

On this occasion it’s definitely not me - it’s you.

Keep trying ‘Paperclip’, but as for you and me, it’s over.


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